Blog it, already!

Morgan and I landed on this plot of 10 acres nearly 7 years ago. This place has proven to be a constant source of adventure and we’re starting to lose track of the stories. So, as part of our fundraising efforts, we’ve decided to launch a blog.

And a logo!

The purpose is two fold: we want to share our lessons, our moments of tears and laughter, our failures and triumphs; and we want to capture the endless flow of activity for the sake of memory and reflection in the future. So obviously we’re light on content at the moment, but that should quickly change as I shift from posting little Facebook nuggets over to more long-form posts on this platform.

We absolutely appreciate the support, encouragement, and interest that people send our way and we hope you’ll start to visit here regularly to get a glimpse of our life and who we are as people.

– Michael & Morgan