Founded in 2012, the M&M Homestead is our little experiment in self sufficiency. Here’s the crew..


Michael – The better part of two decades spent in the IT industry has armed me with the tools necessary to invent things for the farm, build infrastructure, manage projects, troubleshoot the crap which inevitably breaks, and to appreciate the time outdoors.




Morgan – A Registered Nurse by trade, she gave it all up to raise a family, homeschool her kids, and define what it means to be a modern pioneer woman. She doesn’t take crap off of anyone, yet she’s the glue which keeps this family in harmony.




Adelaide – She’s our oldest daughter, full of energy with a passion for animals and science. She doesn’t hesitate to jump right into the dirt and get things done. This girl is destined for greatness!




Anabelle – She’s our second oldest daughter (of two), equally full of energy and probably going to end up a vegetarian. She shares a passion for animals, rolling up her sleeves, and helping out the family. I don’t like to brag, but she’s kind of a big deal.